Steven Keely DVM

1972 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Michigan State University

1973 First of 7 national singles titles in Paddleball

1972-1978 Top touring professional Racquetball player. Clinic tour of South America

1978-1986 Owner of Service Press, small publisher

1974 Bicycled San Diego to Detroit, and Canada to Mexico

1974-1977 Featured in Sports Illustrated and other magazines

1975-1985 Author of 6 books & 50 magazine articles on sport and travel

1985 Psych tech certificate. Worked in psych wards and old folks homes.

1985 Taught sociology course on hobos at Lansing Community College, Lansing, Michigan

1985-1998 Traveled 95 countries of the world

1998 Commodities advisor in 13-country tour made CNN news.

1995-1999 Hiked the lengths of Florida, Colorado, Baja, Vermont and others

1999-2006 School teacher & college tutor in Blythe, Ca. Conducted "executive hobo trips"

2000-2006 Living as desert recluse. Writing 'One-Ton Autobiography of Catman Keely'

2007-2009 Executive adventure guide in southwest USA, Baja, Copper Canyon, Belize

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